Starting Out On Your Own.

28 Jul 2017

Starting Out On Your Own.

If you meet these requirements, you’re ready to leave your employer to start out on your own.

There simply hasn’t been a better time in history than now to start your own business.

At FEE Creative, we’ve discussed this in our casual moments many times over, and on the points we cover in this blog post, we genuinely agree.

The age of the personal brand is here, and gone are the days where a long track record at a big company equates to career, and personal success.

If anything, these days it frequently indicates stagnation.

We’re meeting more and more capable executives who don’t see why they need an employer anymore, especially in Hong Kong. We’re seeing headhunters leave their firms to take full ownership of their candidate network, interior designers who build their own brand to attract clients and give personalised counsel. The hospitality industry no longer worships the chefs and bartenders at 5 star hotels, but rather the creative minds who leave the establishment to forge their own culinary empires.

And why not? The nature of business has changed. With the level of education and training in today’s workforce, and the entrepreneurial momentum kick-started by today’s tech wonderkids, there’s simply no better time to start your own business.

Richard Branson, founder of the titan Virgin Group, has long been an advocate of enterprise. This is a quote of his we particularly like.

“People often over-complicate what a business is. A business is simply creating something that’s going to make a positive difference on other people’s lives. Once you have this idea, it’s up to you to give it a go and implement it.”
Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin

So what are you waiting for?

If you meet the below criteria, you’re more than ready. It’s what we asked ourselves when we started out, all those years ago.

1) If your company needs you more than you need them
We raised the example of headhunters, designers, and F&B professionals, but this point really applies to anybody in any industry. If you’ve reached a point where your firm is asking you for counsel, instead of giving it to you because of flaws they’ve spotted, then it’s time to pick up sticks. There’s no point splitting your client fees with an employer who pulls less weight than you do.

2) If you can’t stop thinking about it
Where there’s a smoke, there’s a fire. The reason you can’t stop thinking about starting your own business is because you have accumulated the experience required. There will be stumbles, but as long as you complete the motions you know are necessary, your quality will tell.

3) If your support network agrees it’s the right step forward
Entrepreneurship is not easy. There will be a lack of work, or an excess of work. Employee disputes, partner departures. Everyone has limits. Through the midst of all this, it is essential you have a network of support who can pull you through when you’re on the brink. The minute you’re sure of your own competence, and that your support network can provide what you cannot provide for yourself, you need to go for it.

Hong Kong’s economy needs your energy and personal touch to business.

If you meet the 3 criteria above, you’re ready.