Custom design websites win. Every time.

3 Jul 2017

Custom design websites win. Every time.

It goes without saying: a beautiful, informative website for your business is simply a must.

Websites are a blend of customer service, marketing, and sales, all in one.  Your front-line sales rep, creating a great first impression, explaining your company to potential customers, and drawing in new business.

Investing in a customised, personalised business website is simply an indispensable investment.  Today, we will explain why.

Template Websites

Examine the example above.  Nothing particularly “wrong” about it, strictly speaking.  A simple layout, consistent colour palate, nice images.  A fair website that does a decent job.

However, such a website is really boring.  Nothing stands out about it. Someone would browse this website, read a little, then close the window.

This template website’s generic, inconspicuous nature has lost the owners new business.

No business owner will abide losing new business!

Here is where a custom design website comes in.

Custom Website With A Stunning First Impression

Blackpeak, a premier capital advisory firm, has a website with a striking first impression. The wallpapers have been carefully selected to evoke emotions – achievement, security, challenge, and awe.  All of which are synonymous with their nature of business.

A simple, mountain-like logo to signify upward ac
hievement.  A consistent layout that emphasises stunning mountaineering wallpapers are a backdrop.  Carefully worded, no nonsense copywriting that cuts to the heart of the matter, just like Blackpeak’s service.

A beautifully designed website that displays all of Blackpeak’s key values.

Custom Website With Customised Information Architecture

FEE Creative - Custom Website Design

Mission has been creating world class acoustic technology since the 70s.  Since their site is effectively a product catalogue, it is essential that key product selling points are communicated perfectly.

Here, we see a website that strategically segments the key value points.  The copy is short and snappy, and stylish photography enhances the products’ cool factor.

A website that serves as an ever-fresh, customised sales agent.  The ultimate sales machine to maximise business.

Custom Website That Wins New Business

FEE Creative - Custom Website Design

Y5Buddy is a wildly profitable provider of pocket wifi devices, perfect for travellers who need internet connectivity on the go.

In an ever increasingly competitive marketplace where rivals spring up every day, it is crucial for Y5Buddy to work it’s digital presence. Consumers will not care which wifi device supplier they use, so long as they find one – the first one they see in the search results is usually the one they will choose.

Y5buddy uses thorough market research, digital expertise from the web designers, and top-of-the-range Search Engine Optimisation to identify essential keywords.  These are strategically distributed throughout the copy in the website, maximising search engine performance.

Website expertise is efficiently used to maximise web presence, and ultimately, directly bring in revenue for this company.

Lesson To Take Home

A well-designed custom website can display your unique brand, communicate your unique selling points, and directly affect your revenue stream. This is achieved through custom designed graphics, branding, and copywriting, well structured information architecture, and technical digital optimisation to achieve revenue boosting results.

All above examples of custom websites are taken from FEE Creative’s own portfolio.  If you would like a free consultation, please email with your project requirements.