All companies want more business.

The single best way of getting more business is, in our opinion, refreshing your website.

When you update your graphic design, professionally written content, and technical infrastructure, you properly sell your company and services to every single digital visitor, and keeps your internal operations efficient.

Update your website every three years or so for these two benefits.

1) If your company needs you more than you need them

  • Your website is, nearly always, a leads’ first touch point with your business.
  • It is vital that they get an excellent first impression, an exact understanding of what they gain if they partner with you, and how they can start negotiations.
  • Use graphic design and a well thought out sitemap to outline all of your services, and display your portfolio in all its’ glory.
  • Use professional copywriting to communicate your value, and ensure confidence in your brand.
  • Use concise user interfaces to show your customers how to start negotiating with you. Genuinely capture you’re the leads that visit your website.
  • Updating your website is, genuinely, the same as giving your human sales representatives regular training, to boost their performance.
  • Teach your website how to sell more effectively, by updating your website properly.

2) Fine-tune Your Digital World Operations

  • There are now two marketplaces for potential customers: the physical world, and the digital world.
  • Your website, clearly, operates in the digital world.
  • To operate in the digital world efficiently, your website must align itself with any updates in digital technology – examples include Google’s SEO algorithms, smartphone and tablet requirements for website viewing, and also your needs regarding email, website hosting, and server storage.
  • If you don’t keep pace with the newest technology, your website (and your entire business) will be less visible on Google, and not informative when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Your email communication with clients, leads, and internal staff will be inefficient.
  • Your access to your most important digital files (marketing materials, accounting spreadsheets, strategy plans) will be inconsistent, unreliable, and sometimes even lost completely.
  • Update your website, both graphically and technically, as a form of essential digital housekeeping.

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